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Transaction Brokerage

Transaction Brokerage

Adwhit Lojistik Trading is a company registered in Turkey: Tax ID 0080824745, Registration Certificate No. 939448, Member of the IMMIB for Trade and Export No. 70886/12.

Adwhit Lojistk acts as transaction brokers to facilitate wholesale purchase between buyers and suppliers.

We are experienced in completing transactions and strengthening business networks between purchasers and sellers in Turkey.

Commitment and trustworthiness are the basis of our success with customers, businessmen and manufacturers.

Our Mission

  • Facilitating best offer prices
  • Maintaining accuracy and oversight in the delivery of orders
  • Packing and packaging for sea and air shipments
  • Arranging documentation necessary for export from Turkey to the destination
  • Offering the best shipping prices

Sectors We Operate In

Furniture and home and office furnishings
Heavy industrial equipment and machinery
Production lines and factory set-up
Foodstuffs and beverages
Household utensils – white goods – household ornaments


Dealing with us: Conditions and Costs

The agreement should be made directly with us at our offices and not through a third party.

  • The minimum purchase price is no less than US$5000
  • Our commission is 8% of the purchase price between US$5000 and US$15000
  • Our commission is 6% of the purchase price between US$15000 and US$25000
  • Our commission is 5% of the purchase price between US$25000 and US$50000
  • Our commission is 3% of the purchase price for US$50000 and above 

Our Responsibilities 

  • Transport provided to help you visit companies
  • Translator to accompany you during visits to companies
  • Care in the collection of purchases and their scrutiny and in the packing of goods for shipping to your destination
  • Arrangement of all necessary certified documentation for export
  • Dispatch of customs documentation to the country of destination for the clearance of goods​

Payment of Purchases and Commision

The purchase cost will be deposited in our company bank account.
A down payment will be deposited in the seller’s bank account at start of ordering, and the balance will be paid to them when the goods are received at our warehouses.
Our commission is based on the total purchase bill according to the list above.


Receiving Goods from Producers

After you have reached agreement with the seller, the date for receiving your goods will be determined and the goods delivered to our warehouses. Our team will scrutinise them and check that the invoices and the goods are in agreement.

Packing and Shipping Process

Our staff will repackage the goods ready for shipping.

A 20ft or 40ft container will be booked according to the shipment volume.

In the case of a commercial air shipment, we will weigh the shipment and make arrangement for shipping.

As all invoices received from the sellers will be in our company name, we will therefore issue a new single invoice in your own name.

Customs Documentation and Shipping Date

After receiving and scrutinising the goods, we start arranging the necessary documentation for shipping.

The necessary customs documentation is prepared, and the customs declaration is issued according to whether the shipment is by sea or air. A certificate of origin and a bill of lading are also issued.

Customs Documents Sent to You

  • Certificate of origin
  • Certified commercial invoice
  • Bill of lading

Note: A certificate of specification is issued on request in the case that one is required by customs at your destination. However, this is not usually required and would cost about US$150 to US$250.

Original documents will be sent to you by courier service, and a copy of them will be sent to you by email.

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(0090) 536-849 72 72




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