Privacy Policy

The privacy of the personal information you share with Adwhit Lojistik for membership, access and payment is secure.

We employ all available security measures to ensure the security of your personal information according to our privacy policy.

This policy applies to all personal information that we acquire from you via our website or app, whether on computer or smartphone, but not via other means of connection.

Approval of the Transferral of Personal Information:
You agree to the company collecting personal information in compliance with the privacy policy above.

What information we collect and how we use it:
We collect data which includes personal information that you provide us for access, membership, correspondence and initiation of your purchase of orders from us.
We do not keep payment card details that you use to make payments to us.
We keep your password in an encrypted form such that it cannot be decrypted.
We may keep data on the URL, operating system, and browser that you use, and we may be able to establish from your URL the specific internet provider used and the geographical location of the user.

We use a variety of internet analytical tools to collect data, and in addition we collect data using cookies. You are able to manage whether or not your browser accepts cookies. Most browsers instruct users how to set browser settings by clicking on “Help” on the “tools menu”. However, when you refuse cookies from our website, much of the functionality and benefit of our website will not be activated.

Data Use and Disclosure:
We disclose some personal information to the Turkish tax authorities, such as name, country, and amount of payment. We do not disclose your personal information to any other party.
We may share your data in good faith according to law when required by the Turkish authorities under court orders and warrants.
Your personal data may also be disclosed in good faith to other parties for your safety and security in your own interest. However, your personal freedoms and rights always have priority.

Data Removal Requests:
To request your personal data to be removed from Adwhit Lojistik, just follow the instructions in this page

Alterations to Privacy Policy:
This privacy policy is regularly reviewed and may be altered. When we introduce any alteration, a link to the privacy policy will indicate any new change which you should review, with the date on which it will commence.
This link will exist for at least 10 days from the date of alteration, and your access of our website will be considered implied approval of the alteration.
We recommend that you always review our privacy policy when we indicate that you look at our up-to-date alterations.

Date of alteration: 21/09/2021