Door-to-Door Shipping

Worldwide Door-to-Door Shipping Services from Turkey

Adwhit Lojistik offers door-to-door air and sea shipping with insurance coverage.

The shipping process begins when the customer contacts us, whether from inside or outside Turkey. We send one of our staff to collect, weigh and bill the shipment, before transporting it to our warehouses for packing and shipping to the final destination.

We have partnerships with international couriers to guarantee the best 3 day delivery service.

Personal Air Freight with Door-to-Door Delivery

We securely ship personal belongings, provided they are not for commercial purposes. We will collect the shipment from your location or at our offices. When the shipment is collected, we will issue you a receipt. We then repackage the shipment appropriately for its contents, and deliver the shipment to your door within 3 business days.

We ship personal belongings worldwide duty-free. However, should customs decide the items are non-personal, responsibility for any customs duty at the destination is the customer's.

Commercial Air Freight with Door-to-Door Delivery

We collect the shipment from the supplier and transport it to our warehouses.

We pack the goods securely and prepare customs documentation such as export invoices, bills of lading and certificates of origin.

We then ship the goods to the destination and deliver them to your door.

Shipping takes up to a week from the date of collection to delivery.

Please contact us with any enquiry concerning shipping

Before making any goods purchase decisions, please contact us for advice

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Hotline: (0090) 212-2967662