Shipping from Turkey to Saudi Arabia

From Istanbul, Mersin, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, and other Turkish cities to Riyadh, Jeddah, Medina, Dammam, Tabuk, Al-Qassim, and all other cities in Saudi Arabia.

Adwhit Lojistik is one of the best shipping companies operating between Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

The Best Shipping Prices from Turkey to Saudi Arabia

We offer the best prices in Turkey for shipping to Saudi Arabia.

We care about speed and accuracy and perfection in dealing with all types of sea and air shipping.

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Our team is qualified to work in all areas: delivery service, packing and repackaging, and tracking shipments from collection to customer delivery.

Our company specialises in shipping, import and export, and customs clearance in Turkey and all cities in Saudi Arabia.

Shipment Collection and Delivery

After you have contacted us and decided which type of shipping you will use for your goods, we send our courier car to collect the shipment, issue the receipt and transport the goods to our warehouses for packing.

  • ِPersonal Air Freight (Express): The shipment is dispatched on the day of collection, and should be delivered within 3 days.
  • Commercial Air Freight: The shipment and its export documentation are prepared within 3 days, and should be delivered within a week.
  • Sea Freight (Container): After agreeing on the price and conditions of delivery, we prepare the process of packing at our warehouses. When the shipment is from multiple sources, we repackage the shipment. We prepare the export documentation, and confirm the departure and arrival date at each port. Our representative at the final destination will arrange customs clearance, and deliver the goods to our customer.

Procedures and Conditions of Personal Air Freight

Personal shipments include items for personal or home use, provided that they are not for commercial purposes. This is the condition under which customs consider a shipment to be personal and so duty-free.

In addition, personal shipments should adhere to air shipping regulations by not including liquids, flammable materials, electronics, counterfeit brands and firearms.

Delivery service is within 3 days of the date of collection.

Procedures and Conditions of Commercial Air Freight

Commercial shipments should be accompanied by original invoices issued by the exporter in Turkey and including our name to allow us to complete the export process.

However, we issue new invoices in the name of the owner of the shipment, and the shipment itself will be delivered in that name.

ِAfter agreeing the price of the shipment and confirming the date of collection from the supplier (or different suppliers), we carry out the packing at our warehouses, arrange the issue of documentation, and confirm shipping dates. It will take the shipment 4 to 7 days to be delivered to the customer, including customs clearance.

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