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Shipping Furniture from Istanbul / Turkey

Shipping Furniture from Istanbul / Turkey

Are you interested in purchasing home or office furniture from Turkey?

There is a large furniture market in Istanbul, made up of specialist producers.

If you wish to purchase furniture from Turkey for export, we are happy to facilitate this process for you using our  long term experience of working in this market.

We can play the role of mediator between you and the producer, where our representative will drive you and attend meetings with you. The representative will act as a translator and negotiator on your behalf, helping you to agree price terms, contracts and invoices with the Turkish companies.

You can shop with different producers, and the goods can be consolidated in our warehouses before final shipping.

We hold a Turkish licence for the import and export of goods worldwide.

We carry out the shipping process and send you an original copy of the shipping documentation in order that you can arrange for customs clearance of goods on arrival.

For these services we charge a fee of 5% of  the total commercial invoice.

You can rely on us for the lowest freight costs, as we have much expertise in this field.





















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