Air Freight – Personal

Shipping Personal Parcels by Air Freight from Istanbul Turkey

Personal parcels include items for personal or home use, provided that they are not for commercial purposes. This is the condition under which customs consider a shipment to be personal and so duty-free when we send personal parcels using express shipping.

One of our representatives will be sent to your assigned address to weigh, price and collect the shipment.

We are distinguished by our speed and accuracy in express shipping, offering delivery within 4 business days.

Delivery and Packing Service

One of our representatives will come with a delivery vehicle to your assigned address to collect your shipment. However, our offices are open to receive your shipment if this is more convenient to you.

We will weigh, price and collect the shipment. We will then pack the shipment securely, taking any delicate and fragile items into consideration.

We standardly dispatch your shipment on the day of collection. The shipment will be delivered to your destination within 3 business days.

Follow-Up Service

We are happy to help and to receive any enquiry concerning the status of your shipment. In addition, you can track the shipment using the assigned link on our website.

Please contact us with any enquiry concerning personal air freight

Mobile/WhatsApp/Viber: (0090) 536-8497272

Hotline: (0090) 212-2967662