Shipping from Turkey to Canada

We are pleased to offer you the best logistical services for shipping goods from Turkey to any city in Canada.

We are proud of our consistency in offering the best possible service for your satisfaction.

We know that professional service and speed of delivery are important to you, as are competitive shipping prices and after-shipping service. We are pleased to offer these all to you.

Our Services and Features

  • The most competitive land and air shipping services: we assure you the best and cheapest services.
  • Convenient shipping arrangement solutions and advice in choosing the most suitable shipping whether by land or air.
  • Continuous follow-up by our customer support team, from collection of your shipment to delivery at your door.
  • Arranging and packing the shipment taking into account the lowest possible volume and weight.
  • Mininmal delivery duration via land or air.
  • Customs clearance service upon request.
  • Shipment delivery to your door in any city in Canada.

Shipment Consolidation in Turkey

We at Adwhit Lojistik are one of the first shipping companies that offers the customers a private postal box and address for free. Our customers can shop from any Turkish company or website and ship their purchases to their postal box where we pack and arrange the shipment. Customers can observe the process of shipment arrangement and their postal box content by using their control panel on our website. Customers also can place the order of shipping their postal box content whenever they like.

You can see the process of shipment consolidation at our Shop and Ship

Prices for Shipping from Turkey to Canada

You are able to calculate the cost of the following kinds of shipping:

You can access the shipping cost calculator here: Shipping Rates

Air Freight from Turkey to Canada

Air Freight includes all kinds of personal (express) and commercial (standard) shipping. Express shipments do not require customs clearance at either the export or import stage. Commercial shipments, however, require customs documentation at the export stage before the shipping, and this documentation is sent to the importer for clearance at his end.

Land Shipping from Turkey to Canada

Shipping by land is the shipping method most demanded for Canada due to the transit facilitation agreement signed between the Canada and the Turkish customs authorities. This is commercial shipping, not personal shipping, which requires the advance arrangement of customs documentation.

Customs Clearance in Canada

Customs fees in Canada is considered as an easy procedure.

Adwhit Lojistik is responsible for all customs procedures necessary for exporting the shipment from Turkey and for arranging all documentation required for customs clearance.

We are unable to take responsibility for any legal or financial liabilities at the point of import, and you have the duty to use a clearance agent to clear the goods on your behalf.

Major Canada Cities that we ship to

Ottawa - Toronto - Montreal

Shipping Cost Payment Methods

You can pay using any of the following methods:

1. Paying online by Credit Card/Payment Card on our website (Electronic Payment)

2. Paying by Bank Transfer (for commercial shipping only)

3. Paying by transferring the cost of shipping using Western Union

Shipment Arrangement and Packing

When the shipment is not well packed, we will repackage your goods safely on your behalf.

When the volume weight of the shipment is too large, we will repackage the goods in smaller and appropriately shaped packages in order to minimise the weight and let you benefit from the lower shipping cost.

Our professional team is well trained to carry out the process of packing and repackaging.

Transaction Brokerage

Adwhit Lojistik has a specialist transaction brokerage department which can carry out commercial transactions and pay for goods on your behalf. Further information is to be found on this link: Transaction Brokerage

Delivery Time from Turkey to Canada

Personal and commercial air freight takes from four to six working days.

Land shipping takes from twenty to thirty working days.

This period excludes customs delays, if any.

Please contact us with any enquiry

Mobile/WhatsApp: (0090) 536-8497272

Hotline: (0090) 212-2967662