Muhannad A.
21 minutes ago
I have been with you for about eight or nine years, so my testimony about you is biased. Adwhit Logistics is number one for me, as if you were in Turkey yourself. Thank you, and I wish you continued growth and success
E. A.
22 minutes ago
N. A.
1 hour ago
A wonderful and fast experience. From preparing the order to shipping, I received it very quickly. I hope this excellent level continues
2 hours ago
The company "Adwhit" is easy to deal with; their website is user-friendly and organized. My experience with them was excellent, praise be to God. They have excellent customer service and respond quickly, which is honestly one of their most important features. You ask and inquire, and you get an answer as soon as possible. Their attention to the customer increases my positive rating for them. As for the shipment, it arrived well-packaged and faster than expected. Regarding payment, they clarify all the details for you, and you can pay through multiple methods. My shipment from Turkey to my doorstep cost 139 riyals, and the weight of the shipment was 3 kilograms. You can track the shipment through their website. Thank you from the heart, Adwhit
Zahra A.
15 hours ago
Customer service is very quick in communication. They provide updates continuously. The order took 9 days to arrive. I liked it, and hopefully, it won't be the last time I deal with them
Nehal A.
16 hours ago
Fatemah A.
18 hours ago
Areej A.
18 hours ago
The best service and the best shipping company. I love you all!
A. A.
18 hours ago
A significant improvement in the company's performance in all aspects
S. B. A.
19 hours ago
The first experience was very excellent, and the customer service did not fall short in answering every question
Nouf B.
19 hours ago
Thank you very much for the fast delivery and the courteous service. Thank you 🙏
R. O.
21 hours ago
Mashallah, you are wonderful. This is the best program I have dealt with, and I have been with them for two years. The delivery is fast and complete, exactly what I ordered. Thank you, thank you. They deserve five stars 🥰
Reem M.
22 hours ago
Very excellent and professional service. Each item is individually wrapped in sturdy packaging. 👍🏼 Honestly, the best shipping company I have ever dealt with
A. ‎. ‎. ‎.
22 hours ago
Bdoor A.
22 hours ago
A wonderful experience. According to my tracking, the shipment is now in Kuwait. I will receive it in 3 days, God willing. Thank you!
G. D.
Excellent and outstanding service
Yusra .
Thank you for your cooperation and the fastest .
..shipping I’ve dealt with…everything is wonderful
A. A. A
Excellent service. I only trust Adweet for my clients. They deserve more than five stars. 🌷
K. A. B.
F. H.
The experience is wonderful; they are quick and responsive, but the shipping cost is a bit high
Excellent, I highly recommend it 👍
Asrar .
Thank you 🤩
for the excellent service
Thank you very much
I love ordering through them, the staff are very helpful, their services are very good. I ordered more than 5 times from them, the application is user friendly. Overall I recommend the app and the service