Shipping Carpets from Istanbul / Turkey

Woven from silk, embroidered with brocaded gold, and decorated with patterns of Islamic ornamentation...

The magic of beauty, authenticity, pattern and colour is to be found in handmade Turkish carpets.

Carpets are the best mementoes of Istanbul, and will not only add a touch of magic to your home but will impress your guests, as these carpets tell the story of a thousand years of Turkish craftsmanship of the highest quality.

The Turkish carpet is distinguished by its beautiful bright colours, its Islamic decoration, some with inscriptions in ِArabic letters. They are considered the highest quality worldwide, woven with silk and ornamented with brocaded gold threads.

Adwhit Lojistik is distinguished for its service, and many of our clients have testified to the high quality we offer, from preparation and packaging to speed of shipping, at the most competitive prices.

We look forward to serving you in shipping carpets worldwide from Turkey.