Storage Service

Storage Service at Adwhit Lojistik’s Warehouses

When your shopping purchases arrive at Adwhit Lojistik’s premises, your free storage period starts.

Whenever a purchase arrives at your personal postal box, a new storage period of 30 days starts.

In the case that your purchases have been stored for 30days, and no new order has arrived, a simple charge of 3.00 Turkish Lira will be applied for each day your purchases are in storage and you have not ordered shipping.

This is to ensure both for our customers and for ourselves that the safety of the purchases is not compromised by storage for an excessive period.

We always aim to offer the best and the fastest service to our valued customers.

Terms of Storage Service

  • Storage is free for 30 days starting from the receipt of your shipment. Where shipment takes place after the free storage period, a surcharge will be applied. The Surcharge per additional day is 3.00 Turkish Lira.
  • Any new shipment received at your box during the free storage period will reset your free storage period to 30 days.
  • We will notify you 7 days, 3 days and 1 day in advance before the 30 days free storage period expires.
  • If storage of your items continues for a period longer than three months during which you do not make any purchase or shipping transactions, then your items will be subject to disposal. Please contact us within the three-month period to avoid the disposal of your items.

Adwhit Lojistik is at your service.