Shipping Insurance

Pay just 10% of the cost of shipping and you will receive the value of the goods and shipping in the case of loss or destruction.

Terms of Shipping Insurance:

  • The contents of the shipment must be licit and in compliance with international shipping regulations.
  • The goods invoice must show the true value of the goods shipped.
  • The goods lost will be compensated following confirmation by the shipping carrier of the loss.
  • In any case of damage to the shipped goods, photos establishing the damage must be provided.

The following are not included in the insurance:

  • High-value items, such as jewellery or electronic equipment.
  • Seizure or destruction of the shipment by the customs authorities of the country of destination.
  • Loss or destruction due to local shipping couriers within Turkey (from the supplier to our warehouses).
  • Purchases exceeding the value of 10,000 US Dollars or its equivalent in other currencies.
  • Insurance of foodstuffs permitted for shipping covers loss, but not spoilage.

How does the process of compensation for loss or destruction operate?

When you establish that loss of a shipment or destruction of a part or the whole of a shipment has occurred, our team will promptly contact you to inquire about the value of the contents, verify the value with the purchase invoices of the damaged goods, and determine the compensation value.

The payment of the compensation value is made on agreement using one of the following methods:

  • Cash payment
  • Credit of the payment to your account with us, where you can use the credit for future shopping or shipping.