Shipment Photography

A specialist team takes photos of your purchases when they arrive at Adwhit Lojistik's premises.

We are proud to be the first company to offer this service, which enables you to observe the condition of your purchases when they arrive at our premises, letting you check and compare them with what you ordered from your Turkish suppliers.

Messages will be sent to your account at Adwhit Lojistik, giving you status updates for the shipment through all stages, starting from their arrival with us and the process of taking photos to repackaging, weighing and shipping.

  • Photography of purchases on arrival at our premises.
  • Photography of each order separately.
  • Photography of the shipment before it is placed in your personal postal box.
  • Photography of the shipment through the repackaging stage.
  • Photography of the shipment at dispatch.

All photos are saved on your account at Adwhit Lojistik, where you can check the status of your order and contact us with any enquiries.

We always keep our services updated to meet the highest professional standards.