Quality Control

Pay only 10% of the cost of your purchases, and our professional quality control team will carefully scrutinise them to verify that they comply with your order.

Our quality control team is dedicated to scrutinising purchases as they arrive at our premises.

The quality control service includes the following checks:

  • The product complies with your order in quantity and quality.
  • The brand we received is authentic and compatible with your order.
  • The sizes of your items are compatible with your order.
  • The product colour is compatible with your order.
  • The product is in a good functioning state. This is for electrical products.
  • The product is in a good condition and has not been subject to any damage during shipping to us.

In the case that there is any damage or defect in the product we receive, we will return it to the seller and ask for exchange or refund.

We will contact you before we go forward with any procedure concerning your product.

Conditions of product scrutiny and exchange or refund from the seller:

  • Any amount refunded from the seller will be added to your account.
  • Refunds or exchanges for a purchased product will not be requested where it has neither damage nor defect.
  • Our shopping site guide is for information only, and we have no connection with any site in it.
  • Your order determines what we shop for on your behalf, and we cannot be held responsible for any error in that order.
  • In the case that the seller refuses either to exchange or refund a product, we will notify you.
  • The refund is credited to you as balance to your account in the website only when it has been received from the seller.